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" Natural Forces within us are the true healers of the diseases"

- Hippocrates

Welcome to my website!

My name is Pia. I am originally from Peru, and I have been residing in the United States for about 20 years. Since I was young, I have always felt a calling towards spirituality. After searching for answers in many different beliefs systems, I always found myself coming back to the original point; The answers lie within! Only one's self can experience the ultimate Truths.

No books or tales can cause you to reach Enlightenment; they can only furnish intellectual understanding.

Because of these realizations, I decided that in order to attain a high level of Spirituality, I needed to work on what was given to me, which is the best and only tool needed in order reach Illumination or Enlightenment; my "Physical Body"!

Realizing this truth is what sparked my desire to become a healer, to help others, and to help myself as well!

The physical body, along with its subtle bodies, becomes open and vulnerable to emotional, mental and physical perceptions, and since many of us do not know how to filter those impressions, the body absorbs them and that energy gets stuck within ourselves.

On a physical level, we experience illness, stress, pain, physical malfunction, etc. On the spiritual side, the centers of energy become blocked and the energy doesn't flow. 

As a Reiki practitioner, I can channel Reiki Energy, remove those energy blockages, and cleanse your mind and body from the negative impression you have been receiving since childhood that have gone unfiltered.

In addition to Reiki, I also use a couple of other techniques including Shamanic cleanse, Sound Healing (with 432Hz singing bowls), Crystals, and stone healing, as well as Aromatherapy, all in order to cleanse, purify, and heal you throughout your physical and energetic bodies.

Keeping your mind and body healthy, is a way towards Happiness!

Thanks for reading and hope we can meet one day!

- Pia Aragones